A global solution

Beyond a specific intervention, NOVA-SYS'aim is to build a partnership with its customers for conception and the implementation of robot hands.
NOVA-SYS assists them in finding a specific solution to their method of production. A collaborative work between the teams, who conceive the project, creates a synergy for the achievement of a relevant technical answer.

A global solution

Last minute intervention

Quick reaction: last minute intervention on site by means of a van for the fabrication of a robot hand in the plan of the customer. Reactivity : 72h.

Accompanying into the wrinting of the specifications

Adapted offer

Detailed study of the project

Counceal into automatization for the gripping of parts :

  • Help for the conception of the specification
  • Optimization of the technical solution
  • Help for the research of manufacturers
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Conceal how to build the system in order to be as per security standards

Conception realization

A customized realization

  • A modular solution easy to handle
  • Flexibility: reactivity into the study of the project due to the modularity of the system (more than 1,600 references)
  • On site: last minute intervention


Turnkey installation of the solution of robot hand on the site which can go to the programming of the robot.

Production of the customer